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What would you be willing to do for £1,000,000?

People would do crazy things for money, especially if it’s loads of it. We decided to do a little research to find out what people will be willing to do for our Jackpot amount – £1,000,000. The results were surprising and here and there shocking. We’ll open up with a familiar one:

Back in 2010 Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, promised access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew for £500,000. Just two such deals gets get £1,000,000. When you think about the repercussions of such an act it makes you wonder why she would do something like that – ruining her reputation, her relations with her ex which is, let’s admit it, someone you want to be in good terms with. Still, £1,000,000 is a lot of money.


Here’s the video, for those of you who managed somehow to miss out on these braking news:

Now if royals are acting like this, just imagine what ‘commoners’ would do.
No, but seriously, we came across some weird stuff people would do for £1,000,000 and have brought you the most twisted ones here. All of these are taken out of a quiz held by MisterPoll.com with over 10,000 people answering it. We’ll let you be the judge of which is the craziest:

Give me a hand, would ya

8% (179 live individuals) will have a limb surgically removed. Well, come to think of it, with a million you could get yourself a nice prosthetic limb, so logically this one actually makes sense.

See ya in another life!

8% (around 180 people) said they have no problem to never see their family again. Makes you take a long look on your spouse and trying to decide if he or she would do the same, doesn’t it?

No more TV for You!

38% (818 people) – this is actually a positive one. 38% said they will give up television for life. This is something we personally believe you should do regardless. Add to it a million and you’ve got yourself a sweet deal.

Girls who are boys who are girls…

Ok, a bit surprise about this one, and can’t help wondering what it means – 5% (which were 113 people), were willing to have a sex change. And this is only 3 percent less than the crazy buggers willing to remove a limb. Go figure.

Never look behind

This next one is not really surprising and in fact, it’s actually surprising that the rate was not higher – 58% (1219 all in total), were willing to move to another country. Hell, most people pay a lot of money to do that.

Tattoo anyone?

This one was actually done for a lot less than a million, so it’s less exciting than it couldn’t have been otherwise, but it was in the poll, so we’ll bring it here – 21% (452 all in total) would have a tattoo put on forehead

Adventuress buggers

32% (673 all in total) would swim in tank with sharks. Now we’re not sure how to feel about this one. On one hand, if the sharks were fed and are fairly trained, that’s a sweet offer. On the other hand, if these are randomly picked shark which you have no idea when their last meal was, having a million pound won’t get you that far, unless you’re doing it for your family, which is actually very nice of you.

Young forever

Now this next one should have specified the gender and age of the person asked this question. It will be a lot more interested to know which would say yes more – women or men, young people or people over their 40s. In any case, the general statistic is that 22% (475 all in total) will give up chance to have kids.

A whole lot of loving

Same pondering that we had in the kids question (see above) but this time it will be interesting to know from which country since there are some (and we won’t mention names here) in which this is happening on a daily basis. The question was– would you marry a 700Ib person for a £1,000,000 and 11% (251 all in total) said Yes!

I prefer my meat bloody

This one just makes us go ‘God! Seriously people, how far would you go?’ 18% (383 sane individuals) would eat meat containing E. Coli. Nothing more to say about that one actually.

Man’s best friend, or is it?

This shocking result puts a big stain on humans as a race – 38% (805 people!) would have their pet put to sleep. And this is just theoretically. Imagine if it was a real offer!

The list goes on and you can see the full one here. You can also answer the poll yourself here. There’s no doubt that there are some disturbing things here which makes you wonder if you could also do one or more of them for a million pound.
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